Top 10 Educational Physics Toys for Kids and Their Teachers

The best way to learn is by doing, and that holds especially true for kids. Try to get your kids interested in something? Make it fun. Physics can be difficult, but educational toys make it so much easier. Why? Because they help bring the subject matter to life. In the world of science, there are a lot of complicated things. It’s difficult to understand those things unless you have a parent or teacher to explain it to you. Physics is no exception. You need to be able to understand the laws of physics first before you can study any mathematics and chemistry. But, not everyone has the ability to understand physics at a higher level. As such, there are a lot of educational toys that are specifically made to guide kids in understanding the same. Here are the top 10 educational physics toys for kids and their teachers.

Educational Physics Toys for Kids

1. The Baking Soda and vinegar Experiment

This experiment is perfect for kids who are into science and engineering. It helps them understand the concepts of acids, bases, and neutralization. The kit comes with everything you need to set up an experiment where a baking soda and vinegar is used to make a carbon dioxide gas. (Need to be done in supervison)

2. The Tug-of-War Experiment

In this experiment, you’re going to use a rope to explore the forces of friction. You’re going to pull the rope back and forth over a table, and measure the amount of friction that’s created. You can use this information to predict how fast things will slide across a table. (Need to be done in supervison)

3. The Water Cycle Model

This model is perfect for kids who love the water cycle. You’re going to take two bottles and the included soil cubes. The soil cubes are full of water, so you’re going to use them to collect water from the first bottle. Then, you’re going to pour water from the second bottle into the soil cubes and collect the water as it drains down into the second bottle. You can use this information to model how water flows through the earth, back up through lakes and rivers, and into oceans. (Need to be done in supervison)

4. The Marble Drop experiment

This is an experiment that will help kids understand friction. You’re going to use a marble, a clapper, a ruler, and a table. The marble is going to hit the table with a clap, and you’re going to measure how far the marble travels. From this, you can predict how far a marble will slide down a piece of paper. (Need to be done in supervison)

5. The Phase Shifting Platform

This is a fun experiment that helps kids understand density. You use a water drop, a platform that has two sides, and an LED light. The drop and platform will change phases as the LED light shines on them, which helps you understand the concept of density. (Need to be done in supervison)

6. The Symmetry Blocks

These blocks can help kids understand symmetry. You’re going to build towers with these blocks, and the more symmetry in your towers, the higher the tower will be. The more symmetry there is in the blocks, the taller the tower will be. This is a great way to understand symmetry. (Need to be done in supervison)

7. The String Theory String Maker

This toy is perfect for kids who love physics and engineering. The string maker is a positive feedback toy. You use gravity to pull on a string and cause the string to go up. Then, you put pressure on the string with a finger and the string goes down. When it goes down, it generates a new string that goes up. This toy is a great way to teach about Newton’s Third Law of Motion. (Need to be done in supervison)

8. The Force Bending Sensory Bin

This is a fun sensory bin that helps kids understand forces. You fill a clear bin with marbles, and they’re going to push against the sides of the bin to create a nice audible sound. The marbles are going to create a visual effect as well, as they’re going to bend on the sides of the bin. (Need to be done in supervison)

9. The Color Changing Fidget Spinner

This toy is a blast, and it helps kids understand the concept of resonance. You use a spinner with a marble, and as the marble spins, it creates an oscillating sound. The more the marble is spun, the higher the pitch of the sound. This is great because it helps kids understand resonance, but then, it also creates a visual effect that’s pretty cool. (Need to be done in supervison)

10. The Elastics and Grapes Sensory Bin

This is a fun way for kids to learn about chemistry and elastics. You use grapes and different sized elastics, and then, you will add sulfur to the grapes to create different smells. The elastics are going to be placed on the grapes, and the kids will be able to pick them up to learn about forces in the world. (Need to be done in supervison)

Learning kids Toys


Thanks to educational physics toys, your kids will have a better understanding of physics. These toys make the subject matter more interesting and fun to learn about. The key is to look for something that’s educational, helps you practice physics, and is also fun to play with. This way, you’ll be able to get the most out of your physics education.

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